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Unsure about the world of business VoIP systems? Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you on your way.
faq for business voip systems
What is VoIP?
What is hosted VoIP?
What are SIP Trunks?
What is a PBX?
What is an auto-attendant?
How many users can I have on a hosted VoIP system?
How many SIP Trunks can I have?
What is a hunt group?
Why would I need call logging?
Why would I need call recording?
What is the best business broadband service for me?
Can I run my calls and data over the same broadband?
What are DDI numbers?
What are non-geo numbers?
What are geo numbers?
What are UK virtual numbers?
Do I need any lines for VoIP?
What is Quality of Service (QoS)?

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