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SIP Trunks for phone systems

SIP Trunking provides your business with the ability to route calls to and from your in-house phone system through your internet connection, giving your business VoIP channels.

sip trunking

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking is a form of business VoIP that carries calls in and out of your in-house phone system over your business broadband connection, eliminating the need for traditional analogue or ISDN lines. SIP Trunks are designed with scalability in mind, meaning they ideally suit small businesses and large corporates alike.

How does SIP Trunking work?

Your new or existing business numbers are placed onto IPDC, our SIP Trunking service. From this point calls to and from these numbers are carried through your SIP Trunks using our SIP Trunk network and your business broadband connection.

Note: SIP Trunking requires a SIP compatible business phone system or SIP gateway. To check if your existing system is SIP compatible, or if you require a new business phone system, please contact us.

The benefits of SIP Trunking

High quality
Superb value
Reduced lead times
Business continuity
Voice and data convergence

Who does SIP Trunking suit?

Medium to large businesses

  • Reduced call costs
  • Scale SIP channels up and down as required
  • Free calls between multi-sites, both in the UK and internationally

Businesses with in-house systems

  • Make and receive high quality calls over VoIP
  • Benefit from a next-generation service
  • Combine the flexibility of VoIP with a robust phone system

Businesses with multiple offices across the UK, or indeed the World, can benefit from the flexibility of SIP Trunking. SIP Trunks provide free calls between sites, while business numbers can be associated and routed anywhere – meaning you can work using your Glasgow number from your London office.

You’re also able to load balance your calls across your sites during busy times.

SIP Trunking is highly beneficial to business continuity in a disaster situation. If you’re unable to get to your office, your SIP Trunks can be diverted to your home numbers or mobiles.

You can also pre-set DR plan on My Inbound call management to ensure this happens at the click of a mouse button, or through the smartphone app.

Recently, telephone fraud has been announced as the second most prolific type of fraud, only succumbing to credit card fraud.

Hackers use a technique known as dial-thru telephony fraud – they hack into your phone system and set up diverts to expensive international numbers. This can leave your business heavily indebted in a matter of hours.

One such case was brought to light recently, where fraudulent activity accumulated an £18,000 phone bill in under 2 hours by routing multiple UK calls to a £5 per minute international number.

These attacks continue until noticed. This could mean your business is charged tens of, or even hundreds of thousands of pounds due to dial-thru telephony fraud.

From as little as £0.85 per month, we are able to insure your SIP Trunks to protect your business against hefty financial losses caused by telephone fraud.

How will SIP Trunk fraud protection help?

With fraud protection activated, your maximum loss is always restricted to £500 You can set daily and weekly thresholds – alerting you once a certain percentage of this threshold is reached so action can be taken.

If the pre-set limit is reached, the channel is barred, pending re-activation – protecting your call spend.

SIP Trunking for your business


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