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SIP Trunks for Microsoft Lync

SIP Trunks allow your business to make and receive calls over your Microsoft Lync platform – using it to its full potential.

What is Microsoft Lync?

Microsoft Lync is a Unified Communications (UC) platform for business. It combines instant messaging, video and web conferencing and voice onto a single hosted platform. Lync’s ethos is to combine and collaborate communications mediums, making communication easier for all users.

Why use SIP Trunking for Microsoft Lync?

Certified with Lync

SIP Trunks are the easiest way of connecting your Lync platform to the public telephone network. Our SIP Trunks are hosted on one of the UK’s largest business-exclusive VoIP platforms, and managed by a market-leading infrastructure provider.

Flexible working

Use your SIP Trunks through your Lync client in the office, at home or abroad – allowing you to be truly flexible and work from anywhere.

Superb quality

Our SIP Trunks are on a leading VoIP network that’s exclusive to businesses. This, coupled with the right business broadband connection, leads to a high-quality service.

Centralised management

Our SIP Trunking service is fully certified for use with Microsoft Lync, allowing them to be directly connected to your service. This allows you to manage your SIP Trunks through your Lync platform.

Unified communications (UC)

SIP Trunking allows you to take full advantage of all Lync’s features – from instant messaging and video conferencing to file transfer and voice calls.

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