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SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking provides your business with the ability to make and receive calls over an internet connection using your in-house phone system. SIP Trunks may also be referred to as VoIP lines.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunks are VoIP lines for your business. They connect your in-house phone system to the rest of the world through your internet connection, instead of over traditional analogue or ISDN lines.

What does SIP Trunking offer your business?

Add and remove SIP Channels at will

You can control how many calls your business handles at once by adding and removing channels on your SIP account. You can add channels to cope with higher call volumes during peak times and periods of growth, and remove them when appropriate.

Centrally managed and easily customised

You can manage and adapt how your SIP Trunks manage calls when it suits you. Nomis Connections can manage your businesses’ SIP Trunks at a network level, giving you a single point of contact across your organisation.

Benefit from reduced telecoms costs

SIP Trunking offers your business lower call costs, saving you money on your monthly telecoms bill.

Quick to provision

SIP comes with significantly lower lead times compared to traditional line types. Additional SIP channels can be implemented overnight.

A leading VoIP network

Our SIP Trunks run on one of the UK’s largest business-exclusive VoIP networks – offering quality, security, reliability and peace of mind.

True flexibility

As your SIP Trunking is hosted in the cloud you can take your business numbers with you wherever you go, without the need to worry about number porting.

Superb call quality

SIP enhances the quality of calls your business makes and receives.

What are SIP Trunks used for?

  1. SIP Trunks for phone systems

    SIP Trunking provides your business with the ability to route calls to and from your in-house phone system through your internet connection, giving your business VoIP channels.
  2. SIP Trunks for Microsoft Lync

    SIP Trunks allow your business to make and receive calls over your Microsoft Lync platform - using it to its full potential.

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