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Call management

Incoming calls can now be managed in the cloud. A call management platform allows you to control incoming calls before they enter your phone system.

call management

What is My Inbound call management?

My Inbound is a platform that allows users to customise inbound call plans – dictating how calls enter your business, and where they go once they have.

Changes can be made at an administrative-level through an online portal using a unique drag-and-drop feature. Call plans can also be customised through the My Inbound smartphone app.

Hosted in the cloud, My Inbound sits away from your main telecoms equipment – giving users a credible business continuity solution in a disaster situation.

  1. My Inbound allows you to manage the way calls come into your business. It's hosted in the cloud, allowing you to access and manage it from anywhere.

What can My Inbound be used for?

Custom call plans

  • Manage incoming calls through using drag and drop call mapping
  • Direct calls to specific staff, or to a voicemail box
  • Take advantage of an auto-attendant and call queuing for busy times

In and out of hours

  • Send calls to a mobile or voicemail box when your office is closed
  • Queue calls in the cloud during busy times without getting engaged
  • Edit call plans at any time through the online portal

Disaster recovery

  • Activate a pre-set DR plan in an instant
  • Divert calls to mobiles should your main number be unavailable
  • Manage your DR plan through the My Inbound smartphone app

Call management for your business

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