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Number porting

It’s possible to port your existing numbers onto a business VoIP service, ensuring you keep your identity and contact details.

What is number porting?

Number porting is a term given to the process of transferring your existing business numbers from one service provider to another.

Why port your existing numbers?

Your phone number is one of the main ways your existing and prospective customers can reach you. Your numbers can become part of your corporate identity – with geographic numbers promoting your business in a local area and non-geographic numbers giving your business a national stance.

Porting numbers to a VoIP service means you can take your numbers with you wherever you go, without the need for re-numbering lines each time you move office. These numbers exist in the cloud, on our VoIP platform, and can move freely with you.

What if you can’t port your numbers?

Many business telecoms providers have number porting arrangements with other suppliers, so it’s not often that you’re unable to port numbers. However, if this were to happen, don’t panic – there are ways of protecting your corporate identity and ensure your customers will always be able to reach you.

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