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Non-geographic numbers

Beginning in 08 and 03, geographic numbers can form part of your business VoIP solution, giving your business national visibility and presence.

Why use non-geographic numbers?

Non-geographic numbers form part of a business VoIP solution by providing UK businesses with visibility on a national scale. Such numbers can be added to a hosted VoIP service and move with your business without the need for re-numbering lines, or controlled independently in the cloud – pointing at any physical UK geographic number.

Non-geographic number types

Non-geographic numbers can be segmented into two main sections; standard and free phone. Standard non-geographic numbers cost a small amount to call, while calls to free phone numbers are free for the caller, with the number owner paying the per-minute charge.

0800 numbers are UK free phone numbers. These numbers are free for callers to ring as the number owner pays for the call.

0800 numbers tend to be aimed more at businesses in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market. Such numbers can be used to encourage your target audience to contact you and are often used as main numbers and for marketing campaign tracking.

It is worth noting that calls to 0800 numbers are not free from mobile phones; an area that Ofcom is currently addressing.

0844 numbers are ideal for businesses looking for a memorable non-geographic number at a great price.

An 0844 numbers are best used as main numbers and, when combined with a business VoIP solution such as hosted VoIP or SIP Trunking, can be routed how and where its owner wishes.

Calls to such numbers vary depending on your existing line provider.

0843 numbers have been introduced to provide more memorable numbers to businesses as supplies of 0844 numbers begin to run out.

0845 numbers are one of the original non-geographic number sets and offer businesses an instantly recognisable and memorable number. The amount of 0845 numbers available today is smaller as businesses look to take on more memorable alternatives such as 0844 and 0843.

0871 numbers are a more premium business number. Calls to these numbers tend to be more expensive than that of non-geographic alternatives, however they do allow your business to earn money from every call received to one of your 0871 numbers.

0300 numbers are a new range of numbers created by Ofcom and reserved specifically for public sector organisations and charities.

Who’s eligible for an 0300 number?
  • An organisation with a or website URL
  • Registered charities in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • Part of the Welsh Assembly
  • Those associated with the Scottish Executive
  • Those listed as a public body
  • Those with a ministerial responsibility

0333 numbers are a free phone alternative to traditional 0800 numbers. Such numbers aren’t as widely used as 0800 numbers, though their popularity will increase alongside their usage.

Where to get non-geographic numbers?

We can supply you with a single, or range of non-geographic numbers. Such numbers can be added onto your VoIP service on demand.

Non-geo numbers for your business

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