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Geographic numbers

Beginning in 01 and 02, geographic numbers give your business a local presence, even in areas you many not have a local presence.

When should I have a geographic number?

Geographic numbers are ideally suited to businesses who wish to advertise their services in a local area.

Types of geographic number

Standard geographic numbers are available to you if your business is located within the same area code you wish to advertise in. These numbers begin with 01 and 02.

UK virtual numbers are for businesses who want a local presence in areas they don’t have a physical presence. These numbers can be added to a hosted VoIP service, or pointed to a physical number of your choice – your main office number, for example.

A UK national business based in London wanting a presence in Manchester can purchase an 0161 UK virtual number and route calls into this number to a physical 0207 number in its London office.

Did you know?

Our hosted VoIP phone system can display which number the incoming caller has dialled – perfect for businesses using multiple geographic numbers.

Where can I get a geographic number?

We can supply you with a range of geographic numbers to suit your business needs. Contact us for more information.

Geographic numbers for your business

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