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Business numbers

It’s possible to manage your advertised numbers in the cloud, as part of your business VoIP solution.

business numbers

Numbers give businesses identity, from soul traders to multi-nationals. These numbers are important to your business as they act as one of the principal methods of communication between you and your stakeholders.

The types of numbers businesses use form part of their overall marketing strategy; those wishing to promote their services in specific local areas may opt for geographic numbers, while businesses looking for national exposure may opt for non-geographic numbers.

The flexibility of VoIP numbers

Both geographic and non-geographic numbers can be added to a VoIP service. As these numbers are stored in the cloud, there’s no long lead times for moving numbers on and off lines when you move office – your numbers and your business VoIP system simply move with you.

It’s also possible for you to port your existing numbers onto a new VoIP solution for your business; so you can take these numbers with you.

Types of business numbers

  1. Geographic numbers

    Beginning in 01 and 02, geographic numbers give your business a local presence, even in areas you many not have a local presence.
  2. Non-geographic numbers

    Beginning in 08 and 03, geographic numbers can form part of your business VoIP solution, giving your business national visibility and presence.
  3. Number porting

    It's possible to port your existing numbers onto a business VoIP service, ensuring you keep your identity and contact details.

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