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Though not a VoIP product itself, a stable and reliable business broadband connection provides the essential infrastructure that business VoIP systems need.

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Why business broadband for VoIP?

There’s a significant difference between consumer and business broadband:

  • Higher service level – Business broadband comes with a higher level of customer service to that of consumer broadband, as ISPs realise that the many businesses practices and processes rely heavily on a reliable business broadband connection.
  • Improved response times – Business broadband users will receive a business-level service, reducing response and resolution times compared to consumer broadband.
  • Wider product range – Business broadband customers benefit from a wider range of services to consumer broadband customers, from standard ADSL connections to fibre and Ethernet connections, right the way up to leased lines.
  • Lower contention ratio – Business broadband users share their line with fewer users than consumer broadband customers.
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Why run VoIP over a dedicated broadband connection?

Some businesses may have enough bandwidth to support their voice and data requirements through a single broadband connection. For this reason we often recommend that users with lower bandwidth availability benefit from a dedicated broadband service for their business VoIP system.

A dedicated VoIP broadband connection ensures sufficient bandwidth for businesses to make and receive high-quality calls with no disruption.

Running a VoIP service over fibre broadband

Fibre business broadband is the latest generation of broadband services. Known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), fibre cable is used to carry data between your street cabinet and local exchange, meaning the only copper line data travels down is between your building and street cabinet.

The advantages of fibre business broadband
  • Super-fast speeds of up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload

  • Upload and download large files in a fraction of the time it previously took
  • Host webinars effortlessly, without dealing with lag
  • The potential to run voice and data over the same connection
UK fibre network roll-out

In December 2010 the UK Government unveiled plans to invest over £530m to have the fastest and most widely-available broadband network in Europe by 2015. The ambition is to make superfast broadband available to at least 90% of premises in the UK, while providing universal access to standard broadband connections capable of at least 2Mbps.

The benefits of superfast broadband have an impact across the whole economy – weather it is through greater scope for tele-working and home-working, which reduces the pressure on the transport network and lowers carbon emissions, or better delivery of public services – such as remote education services.
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Department of Culture, Media and Sport
What does this mean for business VoIP users?

The UK’s fibre revolution is good news for VoIP users in both urban and rural areas, as both will benefit from significantly faster connections – allowing them to employ VoIP and other hosted solutions throughout their businesses, potentially through a single broadband connection for both voice and data.

Businesses in major cities will also benefit hugely, with plans to create ‘super-connected cities’ that aim deliver speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Why run VoIP over a leased line?

For businesses with exceptionally high VoIP and data usage, or for managed office buildings sharing a single connection, running both voice and data down a dedicated lease line is a highly cost-effective method of achieving high speeds across a private connection between your office and local exchange.

What broadband packages are available to you?

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