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Travel agents

A business VoIP system allows travel agents to communicate effortlessly with customers, while measuring staff productivity and even filter marketing campaign results.

Dedicated campaign numbers

A range of geographic and non-geographic numbers can be supplied with a business VoIP system to aid campaign tracking. Marketing staff can associate a specific number to a campaign and use advanced call statistics to monitor calls coming into this number – thereby analysing campaign ROI.

Keep customers informed, even on hold

While on hold, you can play callers bespoke music and inform them of your latest offers – enhancing the customer experience.

Queue calls at peak times

Our hosted VoIP system can queue calls in the cloud until an operator becomes available to take the call. Whilst queued, you can play callers professional music and information on hold.

For in-house systems using SIP Trunks our call management suite can also queue calls in the cloud.

Scale SIP Trunks during peak times

Many travel agencies will go through seasonal peaks in demand. To cope with increases in enquiries, SIP channels can be added to your in-house or Lync system in a matter of hours. With additional channels, your system can handle more calls – helping you cope with the increase in demand.

business voip system for travel agents
Did you know?
SIP channels can be controlled much like a tap; they can be added and removed as necessary.

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