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Free-flowing communications for traditional and online retailers, between stores and with customers and suppliers.

Out-of-hours call management

Divert calls to a voicemail service announcing your opening hours when you’re closed, instead of leaving customer calls to ring out.

Free calls across outlets

A hosted VoIP system allows cross-site contact, meaning you can call any of your VoIP handsets across your shops for free, wherever they are.

Combine fixed and cordless phones across the store

While front-of-house and back room staff may be near their phones, managers and shop floor staff may be roaming the store for long parts of the day. Such members of staff can use cordless DECT phones to ensure they’re never out of contact.

business voip system for retail
Hold, park and queue calls

Easily place callers in contact with the most appropriate member of staff by holding and transferring their calls.

Calls can be queued during busy times until someone becomes available

Calls can also be parked for staff to retreive when necessary

Call statistics

Online retailers with phone order or enquiry lines can benefit from in-depth call logging and statistics to analyse company and staff performance, building a solid picture on which you can base your telecoms strategy. You can also record calls for appraisal, compliance or training purposes.

Music and information on hold

Play music and information or advertising to callers when they’re on hold – informing them of your latest offers or important information such as Christmas opening hours.

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