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Property management

Property Management businesses need a business VoIP system that’s highly-flexible, able to handle a multitude of calls and combines a fixed and mobile workforce.

business voip system for property management and maintenance

How can a business VoIP system benefit property management businesses?

Maximise productivity

The auto attendant on your business VoIP system allows to direct incoming calls through your business, directing calls to the most appropriate member of staff – alleviating the stress on front-of-house staff and ensuring callers get through to the right person first time, every time.

Manage from anywhere

You can manage your hosted VoIP system from any device connected to the internet. Administrators can log onto the online portal and make network-level changes from wherever they are, ensuring total control of the system.

Combine your fixed and mobile workforce

Connect your desk phone and business mobile on the Horizon system through mobile twinning. Incoming calls ring your mobile and desk phone simultaneously, making you reachable from one number anywhere.

Create hunt groups to connect your in-house and mobile support staff, ensuring calls to your support number never go unanswered.

Stay in touch, no matter what

Our hosted VoIP phone system will work through any internet connection – opening your business to a world of remote and home working, while providing a credible disaster solution should you not be able to get into the office – simply take your phone home with you.

Set calls to automatically divert to mobile, should your desk phone be out of reach.

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