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Marketing and PR

A business VoIP system allows faultless communication between marketing and PR agencies and stakeholders – keeping customer service at its best.

Communication is at the heart of all marketing and public relations companies…

Music and advertising on hold

Play callers music and inform them of your latest promotions while they’re on hold or in a queue.

Queue calls in the cloud during busy periods

Incoming calls can be queued in the cloud during busy times. Callers can be played a comfort message until a member of staff becomes available.

Caller ID for the personal touch

Client contact details can be input into our hosted VoIP system, displaying the relevant contact information when these clients call. This allows staff to answer calls with a personal touch.

Maintain a direct link between clients and account managers

Direct dial in (DDI) numbers allow clients to reach their account managers directly, instead of calling the main number. Account managers can divert calls to colleagues or their voicemail if unavailable.

High-quality calls, always

Both our hosted and SIP Trunking services operate over one of the UK’s largest business VoIP networks – offering you the best quality calls possible.

Dedicated campaign numbers

Dedicated geographic and non-geographic numbers can be assigned to campaigns. Calls into these numbers can be monitored through advanced call statistics on our hosted VoIP system, or the call management suite, to analyse the performance of the campaign.

Such numbers can be added to a VoIP solution at any time.

business voip systems for marketing and PR

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