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Leisure and hospitality

Businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry require a VoIP solution that puts a focus on customer care and unrivalled professionalism.

Professional enquiry and bookings management

A hosted VoIP system permits you to direct incoming calls to the right department or member of staff based on the nature of their call.

Night mode for after hours

You can change which phones ring, and even the message played to incoming callers, past a time of your choosing. If you operate a night service calls can be routed to specific handsets, or to an announcement of your opening hours if your facilities are closed.

Quickly access contact details

Our hosted VoIP system allows contact details can be recalled in an instant through the user portal.

Mix desk and cordless phones for flexible working

Staff and managers of leisure and hospitality facilities often have to be mobile. These staff members can twin their desk phone with their corded phone, meaning both will ring at the same time when dialled.

business VoIP systems for leisure and hospitality

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