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A business VoIP system for the legal sector offers reliability, credibility and compliance – helping legal practices offer the best service possible.

Secure communication

We understand that security is paramount to legal practices. Our business VoIP systems all operate on one of the leading and most secure VoIP networks in the UK, giving you flawless comms and peace of mind.

Internally, our hosted VoIP system allows standard users can make basic changes to their phones, while system-wide configurations are controlled by administrators at a network level.

Record calls for compliance

Our Horizon hosted VoIP system comes with a call recording function that can be activated by an administrator at any time. Recorded calls can be stored online, or downloaded onto a dedicated computer or server at your legal practice.

Accurate billing through call logging

Advanced call statistics available on the Horizon VoIP system allows legal practitioners to accurately recall call information and accurately bill clients based on this.

business voip system for legal institutions
Keep clients connected, even when busy

Legal practitioners can divert calls to their mobile, voicemail or a colleague should they be unavailable to take a call. Additionally, practices can take advantage of a function of our business VoIP systems that allows calls to be queued in the cloud while phones are engaged – meaning your lines are never engaged.

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