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IT companies

A VoIP system for IT companies allows their business comms to join their managed data in the cloud, permitting easy and flexible working.

Filter sales and technical enquiries

Incoming calls can be filtered based on the nature of their enquiry. Callers can choose between options like ‘press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for accounts’ and so on.

Create engineering hunt groups

Set a dedicated support number to ring a range of handsets and mobiles, ensuring that one of your technical team will always answer.

Customise out-of-hours call plans

You can set out-of-hours calls plans that change the way inbound calls are routed. This could be to a single or range of mobiles if your IT company offers an out-of-hours service, or to a voicemail box if you operate during standard business hours.

business VoIP system for IT companies
Accommodate home and remote workers

The plug and play nature of hosted VoIP allows remote and home workers to connect to the system in the cloud via any internet connection. Individual users can customise their phones through the online portal, while network level changes are left to administrators.

Never fall out of contact with mobile workers

Engineers and mobile sales staff can use our hosted service to twin their desk and mobile phones – allowing both to ring at once. If staff don’t wish to use this function, calls can be diverted to mobiles at the touch of a button.

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