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A quality business VoIP solution can increase the levels of patient care and staff productivity in the healthcare sector.

Queue patient calls at peak times

During busy morning periods, with many patients calling up for emergency appointment slots, can have their calls queued – ensuring they’re not met with an engaged tone. You can play music and information to callers while on hold – perhaps reminding them that calls between certain times are reserved for emergency appointments only.

Greet patients in the correct manor

Patient names and numbers can be uploaded to the Horizon service so caller ID displays for both inbound and outbound calls. Knowing the patient name, admin staff can pull up patient records immediately.

Increase productivity using announcements

An auto attendent can be used to filter callers based on their needs. Patients calling for a blood test result may wish to speak with a different memeber of staff to those making appointments, while others may wish to leave voicemail messages with their GPs or other staff.

Ensure calls are never left to ring out, even out of hours

Administrators can create schedules to send calls to handsets during opening hours, and to a voicemail box out-of-hours for staff to recall the next morning. This way, patients never have to fear their enquiries are not being dealt with.

business voip system for healthcare
Stay connected in a disaster situation

With hosted VoIP, administrators can access the portal from home in the event of a disaster situation – be that bad weather, strikes or other unforseen events. From the portal you can alter call plans to divert incoming calls to staff home numbers and mobiles, or to a voicemail box announcing that the surgery is closed. You can even activate your out of hours call plan.

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