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Estate agents

A business VoIP solution allows estate agents to stay in contact, even when out of office.

A business VoIP solution for estate agents

Twin your office and mobile phones

Using this function, staff’s office phones and mobiles can be coupled so they ring simultaneously, making staff contactable from one number anywhere.

Enquiry-based call routing

An auto attendant feature on a main number allows you give callers options as to the nature of their enquiry.

business voip systems for estate agents
Direct lines for agents

Agents can be provided with a direct dial-in (DDI) number through which clients can contact them directly, without having to phone your main number.

Divert calls when busy or unavailable

Agents can divert calls to colleagues or a voicemail box at the touch of a button if they’re attending viewings or in meetings, meaning calls never go unanswered.

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