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Both administrative and teaching staff in the education sector require a telecoms solution that allows them to work at their most efficient.

How can a hosted VoIP system help?

Divert absence calls to a voicemail box at busy times

An auto-attendent can direct parents calling up to report an absence to a voicemail box inviting them to leave a message. This takes the responsibility of answering absence calls away from staff on a busy school morning; instead they can recall the messages and record absences at a quieter time.

Free internal calls

Calls between Horizon hosted VoIP handsets are free, allowing easy communication between staff members and classrooms where appropriate.

Make mobiles part of your system

Set staff and school mobiles as quick dial numbers on your system, ensuring you can contact them quickly should they be on a school trip, for example.

business voip systems for education
Keep your budget in check

With a VoIP system your school will benefit from reduced call costs – meaning you more out of your budget.

Janet integration

Our VoIP platform connects directly to the Janet service, giving you a solid, reliable and compliant service.

Feature-rich and easy to configure

Our hosted VoIP system comes with a range of Cisco or Poylcom phones for you to choose from. Handsets are easy to use and give access to key functions. The online portal allows administrators to manage phones, set call plans and make network-level changes as and when they wish.

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