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A business VoIP system offers charities a flexible, scalable and affordable telecoms solution.

business voip systems for charities
Reduce and control communications costs

Making and receiving calls over a VoIP network results in lower call costs to those over a traditional line. Moreover, a Hosted VoIP service acts as a scalable, long-term solution – reducing future maintenance and renewal costs.

Increase publicity at a local or national scale

A range of business numbers can be added to a business VoIP system, allowing charities to promote themselves in a local area, or nationally, depending on their audience.

To increase exposure and identity, organisations in the not-for-profit and public sectors are eligible for an 0300 non-geographic number. Such numbers can also be added to a VoIP solution.

Stay connected with staff, volunteers the public

Project managers and mobile staff can stay connected wherever they are by twinning their office and mobile phones so incoming calls ring both at once.

For regionally based staff, or those who work from home as well as the office, the portability of a VoIP system allows them to take their handset with them and work from anywhere.

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